Prescription Drug Fraud

Long Island Prescription Drug Crime Defense

As recreational use and addiction to prescription-only medications have risen, they have fueled a rise in prescription fraud by those seeking drugs and by medical professionals supplying them.

Both the U.S. Attorney's office and the New York Attorney General's office are cracking down on doctors and pharmacists, while local law enforcement goes after street dealers and users. Any such crackdown always catches innocent people or results in low-level participants being overcharged.

Brill Legal Group in Hauppauge represents anyone charged with prescription drug fraud or felony possession of a controlled substance. Our firm has helped clients throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County avoid conviction or escape the worst consequences.

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Prescription Fraud Defense

We have represented adults and juveniles facing felony fraud charges for illegally obtaining prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, Xanax, Adderall, Ritalin or anabolic steroids:

  • Stealing prescription pads or forging prescriptions
  • Doctor shopping and faking symptoms
  • Filling one prescription at several pharmacies

We have also defended physicians accused of writing fraudulent or excessive scrips; pharmacists accused of overfilling prescriptions, dispensing without a prescription, or diluting drugs to sell them twice; and nurses or pharmacy workers stealing pills and selling them.

Prescription Drug Possession

Possession of prescription-only painkillers, sedatives or stimulants is a felony if they were not prescribed to you, including medications prescribed to a family member. It is also a felony to sell or deliver your prescribed drugs to another, including giving pills to a friend or relative.

Fighting for Your Future and Acting in Your Best Interests

The experienced trial lawyers of Brill Legal Group regularly handle drug charges, including prescription fraud. We exhaust every defense to avoid a jail or prison term, and explore programs to avoid the conviction on your record. We are ready and willing to go to trial, or to negotiate a favorable plea, based on the strength of the case against you.

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