New York Criminal Defense Lawyers

Clients who come to the Brill Legal Group face difficult and complex problems that require insight, knowledge and finesse to handle appropriately, along with a healthy dose of our take-no-prisoners approach to protecting their interests. Whether a client faces investigation, arrest, or prosecution, or simply is looking to navigate an increasingly complex government or regulatory bureaucracy, we can provide clarity and calm amid the storm clouds.

As one of New York's premier law firms, the Brill Legal Group, P.C., is prepared to address any health care law or criminal defense issue for our individual or corporate clients, regardless of the odds, the difficulty, or the power of the opposing side.

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators, but have also taken hundreds of cases to trial, hearing or arbitration on Long Island and throughout New York City. We have defended some of the toughest criminal cases our area has seen, favorably resolved felony and misdemeanor charges, and brushed back overreaching government regulators. The firm has been working with the health care industry for more than 15 years, along with defending licensed professionals in other fields, students in disciplinary hearings, as well as law enforcement officers and teachers facing charges.

Smart, Serious And Aggressive Representation From A Defense And Health Care Law Firm

We have the flexibility and resources to fully address your issue from multiple angles. Using our expertise, we can take a preventative approach whenever possible, working in advance to avoid costly and protracted legal battles.

We can provide the savvy counsel and sophisticated representation you need in complex and sometimes overwhelming issues involving internal and external investigations, fraud allegations, and more unique and complicated cases. For each of our clients, we explore all options to help them reach resolutions efficiently and effectively.

New York Criminal Defense Lawyers And Disciplinary Hearings/Investigations Lawyers

With offices in Manhattan, Hauppauge, Hempstead and East Hampton, the Brill Legal Group practices in the state and federal courts of New York City, Nassau County and Suffolk County. Our team has the resources of time, attention and technology to give each case the focused attention that our clients need and deserve. Your matter will never be handed off to an inexperienced associate or paralegal, and you will always be able to contact us, no matter how minor you think your question or issue might be.

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