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New York Physician Assistant Disciplinary Hearing Defense Lawyer

Physician Assistants (PAs) are health care professionals who are engaged in the practice of medicine and who collaborate with physicians and other health care providers. PAs help prevent and treat illnesses and injuries by offering a wide array of health care services while working together with a physician. Their work may consist of conducting physical exams, ordering and interpreting tests, performing illnesses diagnosis, devising treatment plans, prescribing medications, research and providing assistance in surgery.

The New York State Health Department’s Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) and the state Board for Professional Medical Conduct (board) are in charge of investigating and judging complaints filed against physicians and physician assistants. The complaints are filed by the public, health care professionals and institutions. Under state law, health care facilities, including health maintenance organizations, are required to report disciplinary actions that they have implemented against medical professionals, as well as any other incidents of potential misconduct.

The law also mandates that all health care professionals report colleagues whom they think have committed acts of misconduct. Misconduct can range from guaranteeing a cure to abandoning a patient in need. All complaints are filed with the OPMC. PAs who are believed to have issues with alcohol, drugs or mental illness may be reported to the Committee on Physicians’ Health of the Medical Society of the State of NY (the committee). It is not necessary that the PA’s ability to practice be impaired.

Cases resulting in disciplinary action
The board can take disciplinary action against misconduct of physicians. Penalties for misconduct range from extra training and community service to license revocation and suspension. The types of cases that give rise to disciplinary action are those in which the PA failed to adequately treat the patient. As a result, the PA may be deemed incompetent, and may agree to relinquish the license. Another case requiring disciplinary action is one in which the PA was found to have prescribed drugs to patients without performing required exams. In such a scenario, the PA’s license could be revoked.

How an attorney can help
If you are a physician assistant who is danger of losing your license, it is imperative that you consult an attorney immediately. An attorney who is experienced in administrative hearings and licensing issues may be able to provide you with an effective defense that will ensure that your livelihood as a physician assistant remains intact. Call the attorneys at Brill Legal Group for a consultation.

Peter Brill and his group are very professional and caring attornies. They are willing to explain everything in detail, give you options and never pressure you for an immediate decision. They know the law and always give you insights to all possible outcomes. I am very grateful the Brill Legal Group represented me.

- L.V.