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New York Second Judicial Department Disciplinary Action Defense Lawyer

If you are an attorney facing a disciplinary investigation or formal proceeding in the Second Judicial Department of New York, it is important for you to obtain counsel.

When attorneys in New York are accused of professional misconduct, they can be investigated by the Attorney Grievance Committee for the Judicial Department. The Second Judicial Department comprises the Counties of Queens, Kings, Richmond, Suffolk, Nassau, Westchester, Orange, Dutchess, Putnam and Rockland.

When a person or entity files a complaint against an attorney in the Second Judicial Department, the Chief Attorney of the Grievance Committee can begin an investigation, interview witnesses, obtain records, and order the lawyer to respond in writing or submit to an examination under oath. If probable cause of misconduct is found, the committee can initiate formal disciplinary proceedings.

You have the right to representation during this process, and hiring an attorney can make the difference in proceedings that can have a major effect on your career and your life. Some investigations have relatively mild outcomes, such as an admonition or letter of advisement. The committee may also decline to investigate a complaint or dismiss it. But attorneys can ultimately be suspended or disbarred for professional misconduct, and may be subject to interim suspension while a proceeding is pending.

Being represented by counsel during this process can be the crucial factor that results in appropriate action in your case. Depending on the circumstances, a motion for discipline by consent may resolve the matter. It may be important to raise mitigating circumstances to argue for appropriate discipline. Attorneys who have been suspended or disbarred may be eligible for reinstatement under certain circumstances. An attorney with experience in such matters can represent your interests and help you pursue a favorable outcome. Contact Brill Legal Group for a confidential consultation.

I have referred a number of my clients to Brill Legal Group and they have all been very pleased with the service they received and the outcome of their cases. Mr. Brill and his team are very knowledgeable about the law, savvy as to the strategies to employ, and most importantly compassionate in relating to their clients. I will continue to recommend Brill Legal Group without hesitation, they achieve results.

- S.B.