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Protecting Your Professional License and Your Job

Being charged with criminal activity or facing a disciplinary inquiry can present the possibility of loss of a professional license, as well as eligibility for employment. Even if you are not charged with a crime, many public and private employees have the right to so-called “independent” disciplinary hearings to determine if an employer has the right to terminate the employee for misconduct. At the Brill Legal Group, we provide employees and professionals with an aggressive defense that is designed to protect both their professional license and their livelihood.

Are you a police officer, union member, doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher, accountant or stockbroker in danger of losing your job or professional license?
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Our attorneys have a wealth of knowledge and experience representing clients in disciplinary and professional licensing hearings. We’ve handled thousands of cases over the past 10 years, and we’re very good at it. You can count on us to prepare an effective and compelling defense.

Representation of Medical, Health Care, Legal and Business Professionals

We represent medical professionals and business professionals who have been charged with criminal activity or who are under investigation for misconduct. Whether the case involves legal malpractice, medical malpractice or a crime like drunk driving, we provide the necessary legal resources and quality representation throughout the entire disciplinary process.

Professionals are not the only ones facing harsh punishments that could affect their future. Students in the Long Island area facing suspension or expulsion can hire legal counsel to fight for their rights and prevent long-term consequences from disciplinary action.

Representation of Police Officers, Teachers and Union Members

As part of their contracts, union members have a right to a disciplinary hearing if suspected of misconduct at work. This also includes teachers and tenured educators defending their rights against disciplinary action and appeals. Even if the alleged misconduct occurred while you were not working, many government and private employers will still seek to fire you — even if your actions have no bearing on your ability to do the job. The attorney you choose to represent you at this hearing can make a significant difference in whether there are formal charges filed and the severity of any penalties. Our attorneys have significant experience handling cases involving the New York State Division of Parole, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the New York City Police Department (NYPD), the New York City Department of Education, former NYPD and Police Union and others.

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