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Arrested for Drugs at JFK Airport

As one of the most hectic airports in the nation, JFK International Airport is subject to a high level of security. Due to its considerable number of travelers, TSA agents are aggressive in screening travelers for contraband, including drugs. It is quite a common occurrence for travelers to be apprehended and charged with drug possession at JFK airport following a security screening or the revelation by police dogs that an individual is carrying a controlled substance.

If you are ever accused of drug possession, you could suffer severe damage to your reputation. And if your are convicted, you may be liable for hefty fines, imprisonment, probation and other penalties. In the case of marijuana, people in 29 states can legally use medical marijuana for various ailments, including the relief of pain, anxiety or stress. However, it is illegal to fly with marijuana in carry-on or checked luggage. Similarly, it is illegal to carry marijuana from one state to another, even if each state has legalized the use of the drug.

Nevertheless, some passengers, particularly on domestic flights, risk traveling with marijuana. But if TSA agents detect the substance on their person or luggage in an amount in excess of 25 grams, travelers could spend time in jail and/or be subject to fines, pursuant to NY Penal Code Section 220.

One incident in which persons were arrested for drug possession at JFK International Airport occurred on March 24, when over $1 million worth of heroin was transported to the airport. Two men from New York used a dog to assist them in concealing 10 bricks of heroin in the false bottom of a crate sent from Puerto Rico to JFK. However, police were able to seize over 10 kilograms of heroin hidden in the crate. Both men face charges of drug possession and conspiracy. Bail was set at $500,000 bond or $250,000 cash for each defendant and if they are convicted, they could spend a maximum of 20 years in prison.

If you are facing arrest for drug possession at JFK International Airport, call the airport criminal defense attorneys at Brill Legal Group. They will advocate zealously on your behalf in order to have the charges reduced or even dismissed.