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Justice One Client at a Time

Jun 30 2022

Identity Theft Results in Jail Sentence

On this episode of Justice, One Client at a Time, we look at how prosecutors are cracking down on individuals who exploit government programs, such as Social Security or Medicaid, in order to commit identity theft or fraud.
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May 17 2022

Westchester driver arrested for second DWI in six years

You may already have an idea of the penalties that come with a drunk driving charge in New York. What many drivers do not realize, however, is that being convicted for a second drunk driving offense can have disastrous consequences, whether it is the loss of your driving privileges or longer time behind bars. Repeat…
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May 13 2022

NYC postal workers arrested for role in credit card theft ring

Three United States Postal Service (USPS) workers from New York City were accused of stealing credit cards as part of a $750,000 identity theft ring. Prosecutors claimed the workers stole more than a thousand credit cards from the mail they were tasked with delivering. The stolen credit cards were allegedly used to fund shopping sprees…
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May 10 2022

Syracuse Social Security worker faces prison for $100k identity theft scheme

Theft or possession of other people’s Social Security numbers is unlawful. State and federal authorities are determined to crack down on identity theft and other related forms of fraud. Prosecutors are particularly tough on individuals who seek to exploit government programs like Social Security or Medicaid. If you are found guilty of participating in or…