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Jan 21 2022

New law labels identity theft as a form of elder abuse in New York

New York authorities have consistently sought to crack down on identity theft. Under a new law, state officials and law enforcement will be able to consider identity theft as a form of elder abuse when seniors are found to be the victim.

The new legislation adds identity theft and other fraud-related offenses to New York’s formal definition of elder abuse and exploitation. The measure was created based on the idea that older adults are often the targets of identity theft. It aims to provide additional state resources for fighting identity theft against senior New Yorkers.

Identity theft involves the stealing of personal information such as Social Security numbers, bank or credit card numbers, or driver’s license details. It also consists of the fraudulent use of this private information by an unauthorized person. When seniors are targeted, they may lose all or a substantial portion of their savings.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul approved the law in December 2021. Under the measure, nonprofit groups and law enforcement agencies will be able to provide seniors support services to protect them from identity theft.

With the state devoting more resources to fighting identity theft, anyone accused of related offenses needs a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Brill Legal Group has experience handling state and federal identity theft charges.

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