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Sep 21 2021

Queens couple charged with reckless endangerment for leaving son alone in hot car

A Queens couple was arrested for reckless endangerment after being accused of leaving their one-year-old child alone inside a locked, sweltering car. The parents are now facing the possible removal of the boy from their custody.

Jingcai Zhou, 34, and Lu Lu, 28, were charged with reckless endangerment in the first degree and endangering the welfare of a child. They had allegedly left the child asleep in their 2019 Mercedes-Benz while shopping at the Americana Mall in Manhasset.

Two witnesses spotted the infant alone, sweating and crying inside the vehicle. They called the police after failing to open the car doors. The Nassau County Police Department officers arrived at the scene and found the vehicle, which was not running. They said the boy appeared to be in distress. 

The Mercedes only had one window open an inch. Officers broke the window and rescued the screaming baby, who was red in the face. He was taken to a local hospital and expected to be fine.

The couple returned to their car after around one hour and were arrested. They told police they had set the alarm on their cellphones, alerting them to check on the baby every 25 minutes. A judge later issued an order of protection requiring the couple to attend parenting classes and avoid putting their infant in further danger.
The thought of losing one’s child is likely to frighten any parent. If you have been accused of child abuse or neglect, contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

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