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Mar 5 2021

New York consumer protection officials warn of driver’s license phishing scam

New York’s Department of State and the Division of Consumer Protection cautioned the public about a new phishing scam. It involves emails that appear to be sent from the state government. The emails ask people for verification to avoid future delays in renewing their driver’s license.

The department provided a sample of the type of emails targeting unsuspecting recipients. The messages contained a non-listed URL. State officials said anyone who receives such an email should delete it immediately.

Phishing involves emails that are disguised as legitimate entities. Scammers send phishing emails to acquire private information or sensitive data. The stolen details can then be used to engage in identity theft.

Incorrect spelling or grammar are often red flags. Other telltale signs of phishing include the use of threats or the URL not matching the website of a trusted entity. When you receive an unsolicited email from an unknown source, a best practice is to avoid clicking on links within the message.

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