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Mar 26 2021

Forensic evidence leads to Schoharie County man’s arrest in stalking case

In New York, orders of protection are often issued in domestic violence and stalking cases. What many people do not realize is that violating an order of protection can have serious consequences. Not only can it affect pending criminal cases, but it can also lead to additional penalties such as fines and imprisonment.

A 50-year-old man is facing multiple felony charges after being accused of stalking a woman in Schoharie County, New York. He was charged with criminal contempt in the second degree, stalking in the second degree and aggravated family offense. The first charge is a misdemeanor while the others are felonies.

State police in Princetown arrested David J. Reinhart after investigators used forensic evidence to build their case. Reinhart allegedly stalked a woman in 2017 in violation of a court-issued order of protection. Authorities said there was a history of similar incidents.

Reinhart allegedly left items for the woman. When investigators conducted tests on the items, the results pointed to him.

Felony stalking charges are likely to result in jail time in the event of a conviction. Anyone who is facing stalking allegations in New York should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Brill Legal Group is known for providing quality representation to individuals who are accused of stalking. We know how to challenge any evidence the prosecution presents to build their case against you. Contact us right away to learn more.