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Jan 19 2021

New York pharmacy owners charged in $30 million money laundering scheme

Two men in New York City are facing fraud and money laundering charges for their alleged roles in a $30 million health care scheme. They were accused of exploiting the pandemic-related relaxing of some drug prescription authorization regulations in the Medicare system.

Arkadiy Khaimov, 37, and Peter Khaim, 40, own over a dozen pharmacies in New York City and on Long Island. Both men were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering, as well as conspiracy to commit health care fraud and wire fraud. They were each separately charged with concealment money laundering, while Khaim was also charged with aggravated identity theft.

The duo allegedly used their pharmacies to submit false Medicare claims for expensive cancer medications that were never prescribed, ordered or dispensed by medical professionals. Khaimov and Khaim were paid a total of more than $30 million.

Authorities accused the men of using the funds from the scheme to engage in a money laundering operation. They allegedly conspired to have money wired from fake pharmacy wholesale companies to businesses in China for distribution to people in Uzbekistan. The duo used proceeds from the scheme to buy luxury goods and real estate.

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