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covid-19 vaccine scam defense lawyer

Jan 12 2021

BBB warns New Yorkers about COVID-19 vaccine scams

As the coronavirus vaccine is released in New York, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is urging the public to be aware of scams. Selling fake COVID-19 vaccines or fraudulent treatments are some ways in which scammers may try to cash in on people’s fears during the vaccine distribution process.

Melanie McGovern, who is the communications director for the BBB of Upstate New York, said scammers will use phone calls or emails to try to get Americans to “act now” by purchasing a COVID-19 vaccine. People who receive a vaccine-related email should not open the message, click on unknown links or provide personal information. As the government is handling the vaccination process, she said such emails are “absolutely positively a scam.”

McGovern also pointed out that scammers often use social media to target their victims. There are certain red flags people should look out for, including links from unfamiliar sources and calls that urge immediate action. The BBB provided several recommendations on how to spot a coronavirus scam:

• Conduct careful research
• Consult your health care provider
• Ignore calls for urgent action
• Double check online links

If you suspect you have come across a COVID-19 vaccine scam, the BBB said you should report it. On the other hand, if you have been accused of running a coronavirus scam, contact Brill Legal Group right away. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers will stand up for your rights and make sure you stay out of jail.