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Dec 8 2020

Suffern funeral home owner indicted on over 100 counts for stealing from clients

A Rockland County funeral home director faces more than a hundred criminal counts after investigators found that he was embezzling his clients’ money for almost a decade. He pleaded not guilty to all the felony charges.

A grand jury charged Leonard Scarr, 53, with 105 criminal counts in addition to a prior nine-count indictment. He is the owner and operator of Scarr Funeral Home in Suffern, New York.

Scarr was accused of stealing over $200,000 for his personal expenses from his clients’ prepaid burial accounts. He also allegedly ran a scheme in which he forged death certificates.

According to prosecutors, the alleged embezzlement occurred from April 2010 to August 2020. Scarr was arrested after pocketing around $21,000 from three clients in 2019. Police launched an investigation upon receiving a complaint from one of his clients whose prepaid funeral account was drained. They investigated Scarr’s finances and dealings with at least a dozen other clients.

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