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traffic violation attorney

Nov 5 2020

How to fight a traffic stop in New York

Many people believe that fighting a traffic ticket is pointless. In fact, just five percent of drivers bother to contest traffic citations.

While paying a ticket may seem like the quickest way out, it is not your only option. You can fight a traffic stop and lessen its impact. Choosing to accept the consequences of a ticket can negatively affect your driving privileges and driving record.

In New York, each moving violation has a certain point value. A driver who amasses 11 points can face a license suspension or revocation. If you have a commercial driver’s license for work, you may even risk being fired. Other penalties can include fines, jail times and higher auto insurance premiums.

Claiming ignorance of the law or giving the judge a sob story are some common defenses people use to fight traffic stops. These do not work as authorities see right through them. However, it is possible to challenge a traffic stop with the help of an experienced New York traffic violations defense attorney.

You do not have to try to actively disprove an officer’s testimony to fight your traffic stop. There are many defense strategies your lawyer might use, such as delaying your trial, negotiating a reduction, pointing out errors on your ticket, or identifying inconsistencies in the officer’s reasoning for the traffic stop. Sometimes you may even just get lucky. For example, your charges may get dismissed if an officer is unavailable to testify in court.

Contact Brill Legal Group today if you were issued a traffic ticket in New York and are not sure what to do with it. Our traffic violations defense attorneys will discuss your options and help you achieve the best possible outcome.