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Aug 26 2020

Liquor store employees arrested in Long Island underage drinking operation

Authorities are cracking down on underage drinking on Long Island. New York State Police investigators recently launched an underage drinker enforcement operation across several towns. They visited 14 locations including liquor stores, smoke shops and gas stations.

The sting operation resulted in the arrest of a store clerk at Peconic Wine & Liquor in Riverhead. Yi Sheng Zheng, 42, was accused of selling an alcoholic beverage to a minor, who was an underage police operative posing as a consumer. Zheng was charged with prohibited sale of an alcoholic beverage and unlawful dealing with a child.

Police officers made another arrest at a business in the town of Southold as part of the initiative to combat underage drinking. A store manager at Showcase Wine & Liquor was arrested for selling alcohol to a minor. Varinder Singh, 46, was charged with the same offenses as Zheng.

Under New York law, selling alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited. An arrest can harm the reputation of a business accused of enabling underage drinking through illegal sales. Other underage drinking crimes include drinking and driving or using a fake ID to buy alcohol.

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