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Jun 19 2020

NYC domestic violence hotline notes spike in calls during COVID-19 crisis

New York City’s domestic violence hotline reported a rise in the number of calls it received after an initial decrease in March as the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep people in their homes. Meanwhile, the NYPD noted a decline in police complaints for domestic violence since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

Safe Horizon, which runs New York City’s domestic violence hotline, received more than 2,900 calls in two weeks. The nonprofit group found that call numbers spiked in April after a decline in average call volume in March, which had 5,800 total calls.

In contrast, an NYPD spokesperson stated that crime data indicated a gradual decrease in domestic violence offenses since the coronavirus shutdowns were enforced in New York City. However, advocates believe the recent uptick in hotline calls points to the effects of the stay-at-home order, which has left people who are experiencing domestic violence with limited options for safety.

Safe Horizon also reported an increase in its court program for domestic violence survivors. While the organization saw a steady drop in the number of people seeking refuge in its domestic violence shelters since March, there have been more requests for orders of protection.

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