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May 1 2020

NYC residents face grand larceny charges for running grandparent scam

A man and woman from the Bronx were arrested for attempting to cheat an elderly Westchester resident out of thousands of dollars through a grandparent scheme. They are facing two felony counts.

Genesis Cedeno, 26, and Bryant Pena, 29, were charged with second-degree possession of forged instruments and third-degree grand larceny for their alleged roles in the scam. The Irvington Police Department said a 97-year-old man told investigators he received a call from a man who claimed to be his grandson. The “grandson” said he had been arrested following a DWI crash. The pair then allegedly posed as Legal Aid Society members asking for $9,000 for bail.

In less than an hour, a 30-something man arrived at the victim’s home to collect the money. Soon after the pickup, the senior citizen received a call from the same people. They asked him for an additional $12,000 for bail. He agreed and then phoned the authorities after suspecting a potential scam.

Cedeno and Pena were arrested following an undercover operation when they tried to collect more money from the 97-year-old man’s home. They were released on their own recognizance after their arraignment. Police urged the public to be aware of scams and report them immediately.

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