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May 15 2020

Domestic violence reports increase amid coronavirus shutdowns

New York has seen a rise in domestic violence amid the strict stay-at-home measures enforced in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The state noted that there were 30 percent more domestic violence reports in April compared to the same month last year.

People have been forced to spend more time at home with family members or acquaintances. Isolation and lack of privacy may lead to a risk of domestic violence incidents becoming more frequent and severe. Additionally, the shutdowns make it harder for various organizations to reach individuals who may need help.

NYC Hope, New York City’s online domestic violence resource, said that website visits more than doubled between March 18 and April 5. They increased from around 45 to 115 visits each day. Many services and charities, such as Family Justice Centers, have shut down operations of their physical offices due to coronavirus-related closures and focused on helping people online or over the phone.

While advocacy groups have not observed a surge in domestic violence reports at the local level, they expect an increase once the stay-at-home order ends. With people having no choice but to spend the majority of their time together in close quarters, sometimes passions run high and things may get out of hand.

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