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Apr 24 2020

Yonkers man charged with identity theft over $8,800 bank withdrawal

Felony identity theft charges were filed against a man from Yonkers, New York, after he attempted to withdraw thousands of dollars from someone else’s bank account.

Christian Maldonado, 42, was arrested by Yorktown Police for allegedly trying to use another person’s identity to cash a check for $8,800. He was charged with two counts of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument, first-degree identity theft and third-degree attempted grand larceny.

Maldonado allegedly stole a man’s identity by acquiring his private information and using it to obtain a fake credit card and forged driver’s license. He then tried to take out $8,800 from the man’s checking account.

The incident occurred at a Key Bank branch at the Jefferson Valley Mall in Northern Westchester. Police arrived at the scene and arrested Maldonado after receiving reports of an attempted theft from bank officials who became suspicious of him.

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