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child pornography lawyer

Apr 17 2020

Photographer faces 15 years in prison for producing child pornography

A photographer based in Buffalo, New York, pleaded guilty to producing child pornography. The charge carries a minimum prison sentence of 15 years and a $250,000 fine.

Delshawn Trueheart, 43, will be sentenced in June. Investigators obtained a federal search warrant and searched his home in March 2019. They found an SD memory card that contained video of an underage victim who was naked in Trueheart’s Buffalo photography studio.

The minor told the Buffalo Police Department that Trueheart had sexual relations with her when she was between the ages of 15 and 17 years old. The teenager also said he took nude images of her and filmed them having sex at his home and photography studio.

Production of child pornography is a serious crime that requires a strategic defense. The prosecution is likely to have various forms of potentially damaging electronic evidence to use against you. Additionally, the media and public are quick to jump to conclusions regarding an accused individual’s guilt.

Brill Legal Group is highly experienced in handling child pornography cases. Our respected defense attorneys know how to protect your rights and provide reasonable defenses in the face of what may seem like irrefutable evidence. If you are facing pornography charges, contact Brill Legal Group right away.