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Nov 27 2019

New York man charged with stalking daughter and ex-wife

A New York man was charged with two counts of second-degree stalking after police arrested him for following his daughter and ex-wife over consecutive days to places they frequented. He was also allegedly present in the vicinity of their home.

Police said David Kamara, 46, of Queens, had an alleged history of threatening conduct toward his family. Officers responded to multiple phone calls reporting that he was following his ex-spouse around town. However, Kamara, left the area before they arrived.

Police were first alerted to Kamara when they received a suspicious person complaint. The New York resident had parked his vehicle close to his ex-wife’s home. He told police he was in the area for some “sightseeing.”

The day before, Kamara was seen waiting at a gas station parking lot for a long duration of time. In response to police questioning, he said he bought gas and was going to see some friends. Later that evening, Kamara allegedly parked near his family’s residence. A passerby approached him and noted that he was “staring off and deeply focused on something else.”

Kamara left the area before police arrived. However, officers eventually obtained a warrant and arrested him at a gas station in Stratford, Connecticut.

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