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Sep 27 2019

New York man arrested for multiple attempted rapes days after jail release

Police are building a case against a 22-year-old man suspected of carrying out a string of attempted rapes in New York City. He was accused of attacking multiple women in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Tyler Lockett, 22, was first arrested in January 2019 on burglary and robbery charges stemming from two incidents in Brooklyn apartment buildings. According to the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, the victims of those crimes said Lockett would benefit from treatment instead of incarceration.

As a result, Lockett was placed in a treatment service program after pleading guilty to second degree burglary. After serving a six-month sentence, he was released on July 23 under the supervision of the Fortune Society, a program that supports incarceration alternatives. Authorities claimed he resumed his criminal activity three days after his release.

Lockett allegedly followed a 21-year-old woman to her East Village apartment at around 1:45 a.m. He forcefully entered her home and attempted to rape her. Police said he threw the woman to the floor and allegedly covered her mouth, telling her to “shut up.”

The woman briefly lost consciousness from being choked in the attack, according to the criminal complaint. Lockett fled when he heard her roommate make a noise inside the apartment.

Police arrested Lockett after additional attacks in Williamsburg. In one incident, he allegedly grabbed a 28-year-old woman from behind and ripped her top. He ran away after she punched him. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office is seeking a lengthy prison sentence against Lockett in light of the multiple alleged sexual offenses.

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