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New York stalking defense lawyer

Mar 19 2019

Order of protection issued against artist for stalking ex-colleague

An abstract artist in the New Springville neighborhood of Staten Island, New York, was arrested for stalking his former coworker. Harassment and trespassing charges were also leveled against him.

Prosecutors said Richard Plunkett, 46, allegedly stalked the coworker at her workplace, threatened her and left multiple phone messages. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of stalking after agreeing to a one-year conditional discharge under which he was required to participate in a court-mandated program for mental health.

The judge also provided the alleged victim a two-year order of protection against Plunkett. Plunkett, who skins dead animals as part of his artwork, made several unannounced visits to her workplace in New Springville. He allegedly claimed that he would “shoot up the place” on one occasion.

Plunkett also sent his former coworker many text messages. According to the complaint, one message read, “I made an art project out of old bones and I’m dedicating it to you. Come join me for dinner at my house.” Another one expressed his frustration at her lack of response.

In New York, stalking charges can carry serious penalties, including jail time for felony convictions. If you have been accused of stalking, contact the criminal defense lawyers of Brill Legal Group for experienced, aggressive representation.