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New York identity theft lawyer

Jan 4 2019

Couple racks up $10,000 in unpaid bills after stealing children’s identities

New York State Police said an Alabama couple was arrested and being extradited to New York to face identity theft and fraud charges in the state. They were accused of stealing the identities of their children.

Thomas Cash, 44, and his wife Alisha Cash, 39, used the identities of his three children to open multiple utility accounts between March 2013 and August 2018. They were charged with identity theft in the first degree, falsifying business records in the first degree, scheme to defraud in the first degree, and eight counts of criminal impersonation in the second degree. The children were under 18 years of age and did not live with them in Hammondsport, New York.

The alleged fraud was reported to authorities after Thomas’ son tried applying for a student loan. He found out his credit rating had been hurt by credit card debts and unpaid New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) utility bills. He had previously been unaware of the scheme. The daughter’s identity was used to open a second NYSEG account.

The couple’s actions allegedly resulted in $10,000 in unpaid bills and significantly damaged the children’s credit histories. Police said the fraudulent accounts eventually went into collections. Mr. Cash also allegedly opened credit card accounts using his children’s identities.

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