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New York domestic violence defense attorney

Dec 21 2018

Teen arrested for violating order of protection in domestic dispute

TNew York police arrested a teenager for violating an order of protection in a domestic incident that involved physical violence. Police arrived around midnight at a home in Westchester County, New York in response to reports of a dispute.

Anton Birnel, 18, allegedly punched holes in the walls of the residence and disconnected the phone to prevent his victim from calling for help during the altercation, authorities said. The City of Peekskill Court had issued an order of protection against Birnel to prevent him from contacting the person.

Because he violated the order of protection, Birnel was charged with criminal contempt in the first degree and two counts of criminal mischief. He was sent to Westchester County Jail pending a court appearance.

It is common for judges to issue a temporary order of protection, also known as a restraining order, against individuals arrested on stalking, assault or other domestic violence charges. Violating the order can result in a criminal contempt charge that carries potential jail time and additional restrictions.

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