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New York credit card fraud defense lawyer

Dec 4 2018

Neiman Marcus shopper faces fraud charges for using fake credit card

A woman from Brooklyn, New York was arrested for attempting to purchase clothing worth thousands of dollars from Neiman Marcus using a fake credit card. Police charged her with credit card fraud of more than $1,200 and credit card forgery.

Authorities said store security observed Dan Lin, 19, choosing “items that were [security] cabled,” which indicated they were high-end brands. She picked out coats, jackets and sweatshirts totaling $4,615. They became suspicious of her because she did not check the size of any of the clothes. Lin was accompanied by a man who had also shopped for some items, but he exited the store when security approached her.

A security officer determined the Neiman Marcus credit card Lin was trying to use was fraudulent because there was a lower-case “p” on the back instead of an upper-case one. Although the card was fake, it contained the personal details of a man in San Francisco. Authorities said he had a store credit card that had not been used since 2014.

Lin admitted the credit card did not belong to her but denied having any knowledge of it being fake. According to the police report, the teenager said someone approached her and promised to pay her for buying the items.

Credit card fraud is classified as a felony in New York. Individuals who are under investigation for credit card fraud should contact Brill Legal Group for experienced representation in their case.