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Rapper accused of using social media followers to run credit card scam

Aug 23 2018

Rapper accused of using social media followers to run credit card scam

Rapper Young Ash was arrested for allegedly using her substantial social media following to trick her fans into participating in a credit card scam. According to authorities, she and five co-defendants stole thousands of dollars through the scheme, known as “card cracking.”

Young Ash, whose real name is Ashley Bautista, pleaded not guilty to grand larceny in Manhattan Supreme Court. She was indicted for allegedly using personal information, checks and ATM cards to withdraw money from her victims’ bank accounts. The rapper shared a statement on her Instagram account that said, “I did not scam my fans; I would never hurt them they are my hearts. The truth will come out on its own.”

Bautista used Snapchat and other social media platforms to promise her followers fast cash in exchange for their bank account details and ATM cards. The card cracking scam is often masked as a contest or gift card giveaway. Once someone’s personal information is received, the scammer then deposits checks into a victim’s bank account. The cash is withdrawn before the banks find out about the bogus checks.

Bautista’s co-defendant Gabriel Molina, 32, was formerly employed as a concierge at a luxury New York City apartment complex. He collected the rent checks of tenants and took photos of them. The images were sent to Frayluis Henriquez, 23, who used the account information to create fake checks.

Two other members of the scheme then deposited the forged checks into the bank accounts of Bautista’s social media followers and withdrew the money. Authorities said they allegedly deposited 52 checks that totaled more than $60,000.

Individuals who have been accused of credit card fraud should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Such offenses are classified as felonies and aggressively prosecuted in New York. Call Brill Legal Group today.