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Man faces stalking charges after breaking into Taylor Swift’s home

Jul 6 2018

Man faces stalking charges after breaking into Taylor Swift’s home

A 22-year-old man was charged with stalking, trespassing, burglary and criminal mischief after breaking into Taylor Swift’s townhouse in New York City. A Manhattan judge warned him not to go near the singer’s house again.

Roger Alvardo allegedly used a ladder to climb through a window and enter Swift’s SoHo home. Authorities said he then took a shower and fell asleep on a couch. Police officers as well as the pop star’s security team found and arrested him a few hours later. Swift was not at home during Alvardo’s arrest.

The judge presiding over the case issued a new order of protection against Alvardo. According to police, he already had a previous order of protection in place after being arrested for trying to break into Swift’s house in February. He attempted to enter by throwing a shovel through the front door.

An order of protection is also known as a restraining order. Courts issue orders of protection to prevent an individual from communicating with or going near a person who claims to feel threatened by their behavior.

Stalking charges and order of protection violations carry serious penalties that range from fines to jail time. The severity of the sentence depends on the nature of the stalking offense. If you are facing stalking charges in New York, contact the experienced defense attorneys at Brill Legal Group. We will provide skilled representation to help you fight the charges.