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Rochester photographer caught with thousands of child pornography images

May 11 2018

Rochester photographer caught with thousands of child pornography images

A photographer and truck driver from Rochester, New York, was arrested on federal child pornography charges. He faces a $250,000 fine and between five to 40 years in federal prison if convicted.

Richard Wolfe, 60, was charged with receiving and possessing child pornography after law enforcement officials seized multiple electronic devices containing images and videos of child pornography from his home. Wolfe has previously taken photos of minors while working as a part-time photographer.

Canadian law enforcement agents traced an account on a mobile chat app to Wolfe in March 2016. The account had the username rickyraz15. Wolfe had allegedly used the app to send more than 300 messages containing child pornography images in April 2016.

Homeland Security agents searched Wolfe’s house on October 31 last year. Authorities seized several documents, a camcorder, a laptop, multiple CDs, digital cameras, SD cards, a thumb drive, an external hard drive and a cellphone. They also found a desktop computer in the garage that seemed to have been smashed with a sledgehammer.

Agents discovered a lockbox inside a bedroom closet that contained an external hard drive and 80 CDs with child pornography images and videos. According to court documents, Wolfe’s wife was unaware of the lockbox’s existence.

Investigators subsequently executed another search warrant for Wolfe’s cellphone. They found over 2,000 child pornography images and videos on it.

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