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Fabolous faces domestic violence charges for allegedly hitting girlfriend

May 22 2018

Fabolous faces domestic violence charges for allegedly hitting girlfriend

Hip hop artist Fabolous was arrested on several domestic violence charges for allegedly punching a woman believed to be his longtime girlfriend and mother of their two children.

Fabolous, whose real name is John David Jackson, turned himself in to New Jersey police. The rapper was charged with third-degree terroristic threats and third-degree aggravated assault. He was accused of punching a woman repeatedly in the face and knocking out her two front teeth.

Authorities have not revealed the alleged victim’s identity. However, TMZ reported Fabolous was arrested after allegedly assaulting reality star Emily Bustamante, also known as Emily B.

Video footage posted online by TMZ shows Fabolous, 40, yelling at Bustamante and threatening her father in the driveway outside their Englewood home. Fabolous allegedly said he had a bullet with his “name on it.”

Bustamante told police she was concerned Fabolous would become violent toward her after she received several threatening text messages from him. She asked her father to remove two firearms from his house, according to court documents. The rapper ultimately confronted Bustamante and her father when he could not locate the guns.

Fabolous’ attorney dismissed the incident as “only an argument,” claiming the video was not substantial enough to prove a crime had occurred. Domestic violence charges are very serious and can have severe consequences, such as restraining orders and even jail time.

New York has a must-arrest policy in which all domestic violence suspects are immediately placed under arrest. Individuals facing such charges should contact the experienced attorneys at Brill Legal Group. We are committed to helping our clients fight for their rights.