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Columbia University graduate arrested for hacking into campus computers

Apr 13 2018

Columbia University graduate arrested for hacking into campus computers

A Columbia University graduate was charged with burglary and other felony cybercrimes for allegedly hacking into campus hard drives shared by 14 professors.

Bill Liang Lin Wu, 23, was arrested for stealing passwords and confidential information from the computers. Authorities said he used USB sticks containing key logger malware. Key loggers are small devices that are inserted into the back of computers to record key strokes and steal data.

Wu was caught on surveillance video leaving the devices on computers throughout campus. He managed to gain unauthorized access to a computer account that belonged to a university information technology employee. After a Columbia staff member spotted one of Wu’s key loggers protruding from the back of a computer, police questioned and later arrested him.

Authorities were unsure of Wu’s motives behind the hacks. They said Wu had no authorization to be on campus as he had graduated from Columbia last spring. He returned to the university in January despite already having a diploma.

Wu said he needed materials for two courses he was enrolled in. According to his lawyer, Wu was searching for a job and “auditing classes to further his education.” He claimed the hacks were not performed with malicious intent, nor did Wu pose a threat to anyone at any time.

Individuals can sometimes find themselves facing computer hacking charges even if they had no malicious intent or caused any lasting harm. Do not underestimate the seriousness of such charges. They require an aggressive and technical defense. If you have been accused of a cybercrime, the attorneys at Brill Legal Group are prepared to help you fight the charges.