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Mar 20 2018

Representative Kirsten Sinema’s stalker arrested

A man suspected of stalking was arrested outside the office of a representative from Arizona. As reported by NBC6, U.S. Capitol police apprehended Amos Olagunju at the office of Representative Krysten Sinema. An affidavit of a special agent stated that Olagunju had threatened Sinema since 2014, in spite of an admonition from U.S. Capitol Police and court-ordered injunctions that he cease all contact with her.

According to the court filing from the U.S. Capitol Police, the congresswoman’s employees telephoned police to file a report that Olagunju had arrived at their office and said he was there to meet with Representative Sinema. Police placed him under arrest for acting in violation of the court-ordered injunction. The court filing stated that Olagunju’s efforts to communicate with Sinema included 95 attempts to declare his love for her in 2014. The affidavit also stated he tried to contact her many other times in 2015 and 2016.

Furthermore, the affidavit said Olagunju endeavored to contact Sinema in subsequent months by mailing a package to her campaign office, offering to volunteer for her campaign and telephoning her office in Washington in November 2017. According to the police affidavit, Olagunju is from Brooklyn, New York, and the NYPD served him with an injunction to stop contacting Sinema. Court filings indicate Olagunju was apprehended previously in New York for committing traffic crimes.

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