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‘Mr. Wonder’ convicted of child sex crime

Mar 30 2018

‘Mr. Wonder’ convicted of child sex crime

Almost 40 years after he disappeared from the media spotlight in the midst of accusations that he committed sexual abuse against children on a camping trip, a man formerly known as “Mr. Wonder” to viewers of his children’s television show received a sentence of five years in prison. According to the New York Post, Frank John Selas III, age 78, entered a guilty plea to one count of indecent behavior with a child.

However, his attorney revealed that he could qualify for parole as early as July because of credit for time served since his arrest in California in January 2016. He had confronted the prospect of life imprisonment if he had been convicted of aggravated rape, sexual battery and indecent behavior with a juvenile. Each of those charges was associated with one child who had been on the camping trip in 1979.

Authorities communicated with the victim before arriving at the decision that a plea deal was in the best interest of the man and his family. A resolution of the case in this manner helped shield them from a potentially difficult trial that would have been the subject of several news stories.

Selas was previously the host of the “Mr. Wonder” show. But in 1979, he left for Brazil following grievances filed by parents who claimed he abused their children while they were on a retreat. He subsequently moved to San Diego, where he was a Cub Scouts leader.

However, the Boy Scouts of America said Selas was ousted from his role many years prior to his arrest for neglecting to conform to the organization’s policies and procedures that were intended to safeguard the youth.

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