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Jan 23 2018

The FCC refuses to help investigation of potential identity theft

On November 21, as the FCC, headed by Ajit Pai, revealed its plans to end net neutrality. The same day, as reported by Gizmodo, the New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, publicly denounced the agency for refusing to be cooperative with the investigation his office is conducting regarding the hundreds of thousands of potentially fake remarks that were filed in support of terminating the open web.

The investigation discovered that tens of thousands of New Yorkers may have fallen victim to identity theft in that certain individuals may have used their identities to support the rescission of net neutrality without their knowledge. In addition, hundreds of thousands of Americans in other states could be victims of this underhanded scheme.

The attorney general’s office has not received any concrete response to its requests concerning the investigation. The state attorney general maintains that the probe is not about the issue of net neutrality. The focus of the investigation is whether certain persons illegally posed as New Yorkers when the FCC opened the recommended rule change to comment from the public, as is mandated by federal law.

It appears as though the FCC is neglecting to uphold the integrity of the public comment process. Because Pai has said he wishes to repeal such protections for a lengthy period of time, it is unlikely he would even take heed of the views expressed by the public.

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