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Jan 15 2018

New York doctor charged with prescription drug fraud

A doctor from New York faces charges in the fatalities of six patients who overdosed on opioids they received as prescription medication by his pain management clinic. This is according to an indictment consisting of 166 counts. A report by NBC News New York revealed that Dr. Eugene Gosy, age 56, of Williamsville, New York, faces charges of bringing about the deaths of six individuals by prescribing painkillers. Gosy was charged with providing the prescriptions for other than legal medical reasons.

It is alleged that Gosy and his staff prescribed painkillers without performing physical exams. In addition, they are accused of prescribing substances known to create dependence or addiction, despite signs that some patients were abusing or misusing the drugs.

Moreover, Gosy signed blank prescriptions that others completed while he was away. In addition, patients were permitted to use a telephonic prescription renewal system in which they would obtain prescriptions from people who did not receive sufficient medical training or from mid-level people with insufficient knowledge of the prescription or the background of the patient.

If he is convicted, Gosy could spend from 20 years to life in prison.

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