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Cyber bullying and stalking of Long Island woman

Dec 28 2017

Cyber bullying and stalking of Long Island woman

A woman from Long Island claims she was stalked, bullied and attacked by someone on the internet. As was reported by NBC 4 New York, Lisa Michelle Kucharz stated the stalker created a Facebook account with her work profile picture and wrote lies about her. For instance, the person wrote that Kucharz was a pedophile, and that she was a prostitute. Kucharz, a social media expert who is also an instructor of college courses on new media, attempted to block her stalker, but then they would establish a new alias. Kucharz said she counted over 36 names by the same individual on one social media platform.

She called police when the cyber stalking became actual stalking. She received an alert that something was posted about her on social media. A blog that she read contained information to the effect that the stalker pursued her into a park, was following her around New York, and was going to emerge at any time and cause her harm.

Due to her rising level of fear, Kucharz reported the blog to Nassau County police, who initiated an investigation. However, upon discovering that her stalker was from Canada, they recommended that she contact police there. Instead, Kucharz hired a private investigator. The investigator learned that Kucharz’s cyber bully was Dion Tyson, who had begun to see a man whom Kucharz had previously dated. Kucharz said Tyson was angry with her because she believed Kucharz was still involved with him. They conveyed the information to a Canadian detective, and after some months, police arrested Tyson on a charge of criminal harassment, to which she entered a guilty plea.

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