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Forest Park Sexual Assault

Sep 27 2017

Police capture man in Queens park sex assault case

A man who committed the crime of rape against one woman and attempted to sexually assault five others, has been identified and arrested, four years after committing the last crime. Michael Andrade, age 45, was arrested on Wednesday, August 2, and faces the charge of attacking a woman in March 2013. As with the other women, he came across her while she was jogging along the bridle path in Forest Park. The 24-year-old victim fought back, and assisted with the capture of the criminal.

He used a stun gun on her and robbed her. A struggle ensued, and she pulled a beer bottle from his rear pocket, and threw it. Police recovered the bottle as part of the crime scene, and used it to obtain his DNA.

The DNA was key in helping to identify the perpetrator. However, one person who has come to his defense is his mother, with whom he lived in Richmond Hill until recently. Martha Andrade, age 80, described her son as a good man, and said he would not do anything like that.

The series of attacks began in March 2011, and ended in August 2013, when a 69-year-old woman was raped after being zapped with a Taser. Each of the assaults occurred during the daytime. Andrade was arrested six times, once in the city, and five times on Long Island. However, most of these crimes do not permit police to secure a DNA sample from him. Police retrieved DNA in another sexual assault, and detectives anticipate charging Andrade in that case, along with the other four.

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