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Aug 11 2017

Male model faces rape charges for allegedly forcing himself on ‘wrong roommate’

A male model is facing felony rape charges for allegedly raping a woman after he mistook her for her female roommate. Henry Romero, 30, apologized to the victim immediately after the alleged attack in a Manhattan apartment. She was a visitor from abroad.

Romero and the two women had spent the night drinking together at a bar with some friends. He had been the date of the victim’s roommate. She invited the model to sleep on her apartment floor overnight instead of making the long journey back home to Queens.

However, she left the group earlier than the others in search of food after Romero began acting “creepy.” He allegedly said, “I want you to dance for me — that’s why I brought you here,” the woman told The New York Post.

Upon returning home, she saw Romero asleep on the floor. Meanwhile, her roommate was sleeping on the wrong bed for unknown reasons. Romero’s date said she then fell asleep on her roommate’s empty bed and did not wake up until 6 a.m. That is when she allegedly heard Romero apologize for mistaking one woman for the other.

According to The New York Post, the alleged victim’s roommate said, “He went into my room, thinking it was me. I heard her say, ‘Get off me! Get off me!’ and then he said, ‘I’m sorry! I thought you were [your roommate].’”

The alleged victim yelled in response, “What do you mean! She’s blond and I have black hair!” The women’s identities have been withheld. Romero was released on $3,000 bail. He is scheduled to make a court appearance on August 1.

His attorney told The New York Post, “Henry Romero is not guilty of rape. This was a consensual encounter. The truth of what actually happened is being maliciously twisted in order to portray Mr. Romero in a negative light.”