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Jun 16 2017

New York man detained for stalking Malia Obama

A man is under investigation for allegedly stalking and harassing former first daughter Malia Obama at several locations around New York City. He showed up at the 18-year-old’s workplace in Manhattan on three separate days in April.

Jair Nilton Cardoso, 30, managed to sneak past security at an office building in Tribeca and reach the fourth floor. Obama has been interning there after relocating to New York in January for her gap year. According to authorities, Cardoso posted a sign in an office window asking her to marry him. He was also allegedly caught following Obama as she left her workplace.

U.S. Secret Service detained Cardoso for questioning. They then reported him to the NYPD’s First Precinct, who in turn referred him to Kings County Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

Law enforcement officials did not take the alleged stalker into custody as he was not verbally or physically threatening to Obama. No stalking or harassment charges have been filed against him thus far.

According to Manny Gomez, FBI special agent and former NYPD sergeant, Cardoso’s behavior has raised reasonable concern for Obama’s safety. Additionally, Cardoso’s actions fall under the description of stalking under state law. “I’m sure an order of protection will be served in the not so distance future,” Gomez added.

Under New York law, stalking involves following or repeatedly attempting to contact an individual in a way that causes them to feel threatened. Depending on the nature of the offense, a stalking conviction could carry a prison sentence, fines, probation or even a combination of these penalties.

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