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Apr 6 2017

Brooklyn man with history of domestic violence kills and dismembers wife

Police charged a Brooklyn man with killing his wife and dismembering her body, marking a brutal culmination to the couple’s almost decade-long history of domestic violence.

Phillip Martin, 42, was charged with murder and concealment of a corpse after the disappearance of his wife. Police said worried family members reported Diana Rodriguez-Martin, 43, missing after she did not show up to a scheduled doctor’s appointment. When asked about his wife’s whereabouts, Martin told relatives and investigators that she left in mid-January with their dog.

According to a CBS 2 New York report, investigators found Martin’s story suspicious. When police arrested him several days later, upon questioning Martin allegedly admitted to fatally hitting Rodriguez-Martin and dismembering her body. He said he disposed of his wife’s remains in a dumpster.

Neighbors described the couple’s relationship as volatile. “They argued day and night, but who would have thought it would have come to this?” one neighbor told the New York Daily News.

The couple’s history of domestic violence-related incidents dates back to 2008. Over the years, law enforcement officers were called to their home eight times for domestic violence complaints. According to police, Martin was previously arrested twice for allegedly attacking Rodriguez-Martin in 2013 and 2016. His wife also had two prior arrests for assaulting her husband.