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Jan 27 2017

Brain surgeon faces medical malpractice lawsuits for spinal operations

Three women have sued a Long Island neurosurgeon for botching their surgeries and performing unnecessary procedures, alleging their conditions worsened after they received treatment from him.

The women filed separate medical malpractice lawsuits against Dr. Paolo Bolognese in Queens County Supreme Court in October. The plaintiffs — from Georgia, Virginia and New Mexico — were all diagnosed with Chiari malformation. The rare, painful condition consists of brain tissue extending into the spine.

Bolognese, who specializes in Chiari malformation, performed surgeries on the three women. According to the complaints, he made such serious errors that the patients developed post-surgery complications such as spinal cords cysts, difficulty moving, impaired bladder function and sleep problems.

The lawsuit alleged Bolognese improperly placed hardware during the surgery of one plaintiff, while he dissected the neck muscles of another. The third woman claimed he failed to close her wound properly and ignored her subsequent complaints about excruciating pain.

As the case proceeded, prosecutors discovered the surgeon has been sued for medical negligence at least 20 times during his medical career. Bolognese who now practices at Neurological Surgery in Rockville Centre co-founded the North Shore University Hospital’s Chiari Institute. He was temporarily suspended by the institute for allegedly failing to operate on a patient who was anesthetized for brain surgery.

However, several former patients have spoken up in Bolognese’s defense. One woman said she “woke up feeling much better” after a 10-hour surgery the neurosurgeon performed on her. She said Bolognese’s decision to specialize in Chiari malformation makes him an easy target.

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