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Dec 25 2016

Police find over 80 forged credit cards in identity theft case

Two men from Yonkers, New York, were arrested for identity theft after police discovered over 80 forged credit cards hidden in their rental car. They also found a laptop containing “hundreds, possibly thousands” of stolen credit card numbers, according to investigators.

Gabriel Young, 26, and his co-defendant Omar Hidalgo pleaded guilty to a felony charge of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument. Young was sentenced to one to three years in prison in Westchester County Court.

Hidalgo tried to purchase an iPad from a Best Buy store in Hartsdale in December 2015. He was carrying a forged credit card with the name Daniel Lopez. Hidalgo also had a forged Georgia driver’s license that had Lopez’s name but his photo on it.

A store manager approached nearby police officers after he thought the credit card and license looked suspicious. The officers, who had already been on site, determined them to be fraudulent.

Hidalgo left Best Buy and got into a rented vehicle with Young in the driver’s seat, according to authorities. Police removed them from the car and found the forged license along with multiple forged credit cards in Hidalgo’s wallet. An initial search of the car revealed a cellphone, four forged credit cards and some cash.

After the car was impounded, investigators found another 83 forged credit cards under the passenger floor, along with a forged Connecticut license. Young had used one of the credit cards to buy food from a Smash Burger restaurant in the area before his arrest. Police also recovered several PlayStation 4 game systems and dozens of gift cards.

In New York, credit card fraud is a felony offense that is aggressively prosecuted. As a result, individuals charged with the crime need an experienced defense attorney on their side.