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Dec 22 2016

New task force to crack down on domestic violence in NYC

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the launch of a task force in an effort to reduce domestic violence in the city. The ambitious plan calls for making it easier for victims to report abuse and increasing the conviction rate for prosecutions.

The task force will be led by First Lady Chirlane McCray and NYPD Commissioner James O’Neil. It comprises government experts, law enforcement officials, members of social services and abuse survivors. The group has 150 days to develop and present a comprehensive, citywide strategy for tackling domestic violence.

“We are already taking steps to protect survivors’ homes and paychecks, and to hold abusers accountable,” said McCray. “Now, we’re going to focus the full force of City government to prevent domestic violence.”

The task force will address four goals, one of which is to increase conviction rates and reduce dismissal rates in domestic violence cases. Last year, four out of five city boroughs had conviction rates below 33 percent and dismissal rates of over 53 percent. Abuse survivors will also be able to partner easily with police and prosecutors to build strong cases that lead to convictions.

Another aim is to ensure abusers are held accountable through the use of precision policing which has helped reduce other types of violent crime. The task force will also develop a concrete plan to stop repeat offenders.

Such measures will make it easier to prosecute people accused of domestic violence. An experienced attorney can help fight such serious charges by building a solid defense that stands up to aggressive prosecutors seeking a conviction and harsh criminal penalties.