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Nov 3 2016

Four arrested in identity theft scheme to steal luxury cars

Four people pleaded guilty to an identity theft scheme designed to purchase high-end vehicles for resale in Westchester County Court on August 5. They conspired to illegally drive off with a new $233,440 sedan from a Mercedes Benz car dealership in New Rochelle, New York.

Devon Guishard led the identity theft ring. He and Tameek White were charged with felony grand larceny in the September 26, 2015 scam. Patricia Fields and Michael Maurice Grayson were charged with felony identity theft.

Grayson and Fields adopted the identities of a Florida doctor and a retired FBI agent from Ohio in order to obtain financing for the vehicle. They forged their U.S. passport cards and drivers’ licenses. The duo also used the victims’ Social Security numbers and forged their signatures on various applications and purchase papers, including registration and insurance.

According to the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, White brought a down payment of $9,000 to the car dealership so that the purchase would appear genuine. White updated Guishard about the sale’s progress via cellphone. Guishard arrived at the dealership when the transaction was completed and drove the vehicle away.

The group intended to resell the vehicle in other states. Investigators located the stolen car in Texas. Authorities found the identity theft ring conducted similar luxury car scams elsewhere in New York, as well as Arizona, California, Maryland, New Jersey and Texas.

White was sentenced on August 5 to time served in jail. Fields and Grayson each face between one to three years in prison. Guishard will be sentenced to two to four years in prison.