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Apr 15 2016

New York man sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison for child pornography

A New York man was sentenced March 21 to 262 months — almost 22 years — in federal prison for receiving and distributing child pornography. Prosecutors said that the man, Kenneth Burghardt, was released from prison on similar charges just seven months ago.

Court documents show that Burghardt served 87 months in prison previously, after he pleaded guilty to charges of attempted receipt of child pornography. After serving his time, Burghardt was placed on probation and prohibited from having a computer or cell phone in his possession, records show.

According to prosecutors, during a routine visit to Burghardt’s home, his probation officer heard a cell phone ringing. Burghardt claimed that it was just a kitchen timer, but when the phone rang a second time, the probation officer demanded to see it and confiscated it, prosecutors said. When probation officers searched the phone, they found 28 video files and 1,437 images depicting child pornography, prosecutors said. According to court documents, authorities also found additional images of child pornography on Burghardt’s girlfriend’s computer.

According to court documents, Burghardt violated several other probation conditions, including maintaining unreported internet accounts and failing to report a relationship with a woman with a 10-year-old daughter.

Distribution and receipt of child pornography are serious charges. Anyone accused of such a crime should contact an attorney before speaking to police. The Brill Legal Group has extensive experience representing defendants accused of child pornography offenses.