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Apr 20 2016

Eleven New York residents arrested on charges of tax fraud

Eleven New York residents have been arrested and charged with tax fraud.

According to the New York State Department of Taxation, nine “clients” and two tax preparers were arrested on charges of claiming exaggerated refunds and filing false tax returns.

Officials say that the two tax preparers allegedly attempted to defraud New York State by preparing false state tax returns for relatives and friends for the 2008-2011 tax years. According to officials, the two were employed as tax preparers and filed fraudulent returns claiming incorrect amounts of income and refundable credits that the filers were not owed.

Heather Sweet, 35, was charged with one felony grand larceny count and eight felony counts of offering a false instrument for filing. Rebecca Tyner, 56, was charged with one felony grand larceny count and five felony false instrument counts.

Both defendants pleaded not guilty at their arraignments. Officials said that if the two tax preparers were convicted, they could each be sentenced to up to seven years in prison. The officials also said that Tyner faces over $10,000 in fines and Sweet faces more than $20,000 in fines. Of the nine “clients” arrested, each is facing one or more felony false instrument charges. According to officials, the nine taxpayers each believed that by having their returns filed by Sweet or Tyner, they would be paid refunds they were not owed. Each of the taxpayers could face up to four years in prison if convicted.

Fraud charges are very serious and complex charges, and it is important for anyone charged with such a crime to obtain representation from a criminal defense attorney. The Brill Legal Group has extensive experience defending people accused of fraud charges.