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Apr 22 2016

Domestic violence and grand larceny charges against rapper Joe Budden have been dropped

Rapper Joe Budden was arrested in New York City in 2014 after allegations that he beat and robbed an ex-girlfriend. Those charges have now been dropped.

Budden, 35, appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court March 3 and pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, which is a violation, not a crime. Budden was ordered to lead a law-abiding life. The criminal charges of grand larceny and domestic violence were dismissed.

The case had been pending since Budden’s arrest in August 2014, when he was accused of pushing and choking his ex-girlfriend and stealing her cellphone. The deal that was reached resulted in Budden never being indicted on the original charges of grand larceny, robbery and criminal obstruction of breathing.

Budden’s attorney said that the violation Budden pleaded guilty to is akin to making an unreasonable noise in public or blocking traffic. Both Budden and his attorney said they were very pleased with the outcome.

Charges of domestic violence and grand larceny are very serious, and anyone accused of such a crime should immediately seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney. It is very important not to make any statements to police officers before consulting with one’s attorney. The Brill Legal Group has extensive experience defending people accused of grand larceny, domestic violence and other serious criminal charges.