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New York Nursing and Healthcare Professional Lawyer

Serving Long Island and Nassau County Healthcare Professionals for Over 15 Years 

At Brill Legal Group, P.C., one of our core focuses is offering legal representation for medical facility members. Our years of experience help us understand what you have been charged with, allowing us to refute those charges which will enable you to retain professional privileges you have.

Although we do represent other members of the medical profession, such as doctors and specialists, we also help registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) face legal issues. The types of medical practice accusations can be different from those of other medical professionals. We have handled cases like these and bring over fifteen years of experience. Let us help you settle your case fairly

Unions and Non-Unionized Legal Representation in New York

In many instances, medical professionals, such as RNs, LPNs, and CNAs, are either members of a union or non-union. Depending on which situation a medical professional falls under, it can leave a healthcare worker in a serious bind if administrators scapegoat them. 

If an issue does arise in a New York medical facility, such as a medical office, hospital, urgent care, rehabilitation site, emergency room, or nursing home, medical professionals may end up being reported to the state for lack of care to a patient, which resulted in a patient’s serious injuries or wrongful death. 

If RNs, CNAs, LPNs, or other medical professionals face this scrutiny, they then find themselves in a predicament of having to defend themselves to the Office of Professional Discipline (OPD), NYS Office of the Professions, the New York state licensing board, and the Department of Education‘s professional discipline branch, or the Department of Health’s professional disciplinary branch. 

These kinds of hearings are not a walk in the park. An individual’s career hangs over their head. Seeking legal representation quickly is crucial. Understanding your legal rights and hiring an experienced Brill Legal Group, P.C. lawyer is the next best step you can take for yourself. 

Types of Licenses Nursing Professionals in New York

There are four types of nursing professionals in New York:

What is Nursing and Healthcare Law?

Simply put, nursing and medical professional attorneys have deep knowledge on how the healthcare industry works. They have the skills to provide counsel to the following entities and groups within the industry:

  • Academic Institutions
  • Doctor’s Groups
  • Hospital organizations
  • Independent Practice Associations
  • Individual, Group, and Multidisciplinary Practices
  • Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) 
  • Office-Based and Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Other Businesses Serving the Industry
  • Out and Inpatient Facilities
  • Treatment and Diagnostic Centers
  • Registered nurses (RNs)
  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)

Each entity within the healthcare industry is complex and faces challenges daily. It is a profoundly regulated field, and Brill Legal Group, P.C. medical professional attorneys are knowledgeable and highly experienced. We provide distinctive and concise perspectives to nursing and medical professional cases. 

What Do LPNs Do For Work?

The law does not permit LPNs to diagnose, change or develop nursing plans, prioritize patients, or perform any other service they cannot achieve. This is a vague area; each case is different, and someone not competent to complete a task can be open to various interpretations. Other duties include: 

  • Giving routine medications to a hospital patient or nursing home resident.
  • Giving immunizations to parents, children, young adults, and elderly patients.
  • Providing bedside assistance in nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare clinics.
  • Reporting patients’ health vitals on internal software and providing notes to doctors. 
  • Performing clinical procedures.
  • Discussing patient goals with staff to ensure a proper care plan is provided to the patient. 
  • Supervising unlicensed staff in an emergency, urgent care, or other medical office setting. 

Multiple laws can impact how an LPN practices. A New York medical professional attorney at the Brill Legal Group, P.C. can discuss your situation and help formulate a plan to protect and defend your rights.

What Do New York Registered Nurses Do For Work?

Competent RNs can diagnose and treat health issues. Typical responsibilities registered nurses have include:

  • Health Counseling – Teaching how to take care of one’s health.
  • Supportive Care – Works with other medical practitioners to deliver timely care. Supervises care provided by other health care professionals
  • Administering Prescriptions – Helps give medication as prescribed by a doctor, nurse practitioner, doctor’s assistant, or another specialist.
  • Ensures nursing is consistent with what is required medically
  • Team Collaboration – Can execute hospital, healthcare clinic, nursing home, or in-home tasks independently or with other medical personnel.
  • Conduct Exams – Administers physical exams and patient assessments and develops a nursing care plan. 
  • Medical Treatments – Administers treatment plans as ordered by doctors and specialists. 
  • Pain Management – Helps patients adjust and manage their chronic illnesses or injuries.
  • Screening – Performs health screening for early signs of disease and identifies disease risks, then teaches or refers.

An registered nurse does not make medical diagnoses or prescribe drugs or medical treatment. Numerous regulations and laws impact how registered nurses are supposed to execute their medical tasks.

A New York medical and healthcare attorney at Brill Legal Group, P.C. can discuss your particular situation with you and help formulate a plan to protect and defend your rights.

What Are Common CNA Responsibilities in New York Medical Facilities?

CNAs, or certified nurse assistants, are not licensed. They are certified by the State of New York. They typically participate as partners in medical teams at long-term care facilities or nursing homes. 

CNAs carry out non-medical services, supporting residents requiring help with daily living activities. They are under the supervision of a licensed professional nurse. CNA duties can vary, depending on what a resident needs and their nursing plans require.

A New York CNA attorney at Brill Legal Group, P.C. can review all documentation and analyze your particular situation. New York law is complex, which is why it is crucial to hire an experienced Brill Legal Group, P.C. attorney to develop a plan. Keeping your medical license is a top priority for us.

Typical Accusations for Licensed RNs, LPNs, and CNAs 

As in many other groups in the healthcare sector, those working in it can face a myriad of issues. They may include, but are not be limited to:

  • Administering the wrong medication.
  • Allowing and aiding an unlicensed person to perform activities requiring a license.
  • Being morally or mentally unfit.
  • Breaching boundaries with patients.
  • Convicted of a crime.
  • Disciplinary actions in other jurisdictions.
  • Diversion of controlled substances.
  • Drug abuse.
  • Failure to diagnose.
  • Furnishing false statements on license applications.
  • Fraud.
  • Fraudulent billing.
  • Giving out confidential information without authorization.
  • Gross incompetence (singly or on multiple occasions).
  • Gross negligence (singly or on numerous occasions).
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Neglecting a patient in need of immediate care.
  • Not returning or providing copies of records when requested.
  • Not keeping proper records.
  • Performing unauthorized services.
  • Performing unnecessary work.
  • Physically abusive care.
  • Practicing beyond the scope of your profession.
  • Practicing under the influence (drugs or alcohol).
  • Practicing with incompetence or negligence.
  • Refusing service because of creed, color, race, national origin.
  • Sexual misconduct.
  • Sexual abuse incidents.
  • Substance abuse incidents.

If a nursing or other medical professional face scrutiny, expected consequences include:

  • An administrative warning.
  • The start of an investigation.
  • Receiving a censure letter.
  • Receiving a fine of up to $10,000 per violation.
  • Losing their medical license.
  • Hindering their medical career for future employment.
  • Probation.
  • Receiving a reprimand letter.

Protecting a hard-earned nursing license and securing one’s reputation is imperative. At the Brill Legal Group, P.C., we will help investigate your situation and explain your options. Contact us immediately if you recently received a letter from your governing body that someone has filed a complaint against you. Don’t let a governing body challenge the earning of your medical license. Let us defend you and fight for your right to keep your license

Contact Brill Legal Group, P.C. Today

Before attending any meetings, your employer may request your presence at a session. Today, speak to a nursing and medical professional attorney at Brill Legal Group, P.C. If you feel your work situation is more extensive than an internal employment matter, it’s because it is. It is a serious legal matter now. 

You need proper legal representation to protect your rights, license, and job. That is what we are here for. No matter what type of meeting you are requested to attend, at any point during an investigation, speak only to an experienced medical professional attorney at Brill Legal Group, P.C. first.

Contact our New York City medical and healthcare attorneys today to discuss obtaining legal representation for yourself or someone you may know. Medical professionals include registered nurses, LPNs, CNAs, and other medical professionals. Our New York medical professional lawyers provide an initial no-cost evaluation of the legal issues you may face.



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