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Drug Enforcement Administration Defense Attorney

Drug Enforcement Administration Defense Attorney

In recent years, the Drug Enforcement Agency has cracked down on what drugs can be prescribed by certain medical professionals and what procedures each medical professional has to go through to prescribe certain drugs. The DEA has recently determined that the highest schedule narcotics as well as Vicodin and drugs that are combinations of mixed drugs can only be prescribed by certain medical professionals.

Even more of a concern is the clear trend of government agencies interceding in individual providers’ medical judgment when it comes to appropriate levels of pain management. This harms patients, leads to a decline in quality of care, and sows a climate of fear where every prescriber of pain medication is considered a suspected drug pusher.

The result is that more and more medical professionals are concerned about overprescribing. This (justified) fear can lead to intimidation about prescribing drugs to patients in need. In addition, issues of prescription pad theft can be a huge concern; people will steal a pad from medical professionals in an effort to obtain prescription drugs unlawfully. When this happens, the doctor in question has to go through protracted procedures to get his or her DEA number reissued and good name restored in the government’s eyes.

If you or someone at your organization is suspected or has been alleged to overprescribe or sell drugs illegally, it is important to act decisively. A skilled health care lawyer can do everything possible to aggressively protect your rights, reputation and drug-prescribing powers, as well as your organization’s integrity if allegations against a single employee prove accurate.

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